Commercial Cleaning Services in El Paso and Las Cruces

Routine Cleaning For Your Commercial Space

Maintenance Unlimited offers industrial and commercial cleaning services in El Paso and Las Cruces. Our experienced team utilizes top-notch cleaning equipment and great cleaning techniques to achieve consistent, reliable results every time. Through our focus on dependable, dedicated cleaning services, we have become a trusted name for countless businesses with glowing reviews to back it up. 

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Types of Commercial Businesses & Properties We Clean

Our team can clean all kinds of commercial businesses and properties, including, but not limited to, the following:

Don’t see the kind of property you own? Give us a call to see if we can still provide our services!

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in El Paso & Las Cruces

Routine Commercial Cleaning

Commercial spaces can become unclean very often due to foot traffic, machinery, location, and other factors. That’s why we’ve designed our El Paso commercial cleaning services to accommodate recurring cleaning needs. We have a variety of interior and exterior cleaning services that can ensure that your space is healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Our contracts are conducted on a month-to-month basis, meaning you can modify or end the services whenever you please.

Shopping Center/Parking Lot Cleaning

By utilizing our routine parking lot sweeping service, our customers can maintain immaculate parking lots. A clean parking lot, free of any debris, enhances your company’s image, attracts and retains customers, minimizes the risk of a safety issue that could lead to an injury, and extends the life of your parking lot.

Our parking lot cleaning team will:

  • Work with backpack blowers
  • Handpick cigarette butts and large debris from landscaping
  • Keep landscaping in place by returning loose rocks and other landscaping items that have fallen into the parking lot
  • Empty and wipe down community trashcans. 

We can extend a volume deal to our customers with very large or multiple parking lots.

Warehouse Cleaning

Maintenance Unlimited is equipped to clean warehouses of varying sizes and offers both one-time cleanup and maintenance service contracts that range in frequency from daily to periodic. Our warehouse cleaning includes sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, and general cleaning.

Depending on the size and need, we can provide the walk-behind or riding sweeper scrubber needed for the best result. We offer long-term equipment rental agreements for a monthly rate, so our customers can have access to the machine that best meets their needs, without either a large outlay of funds or concern about depreciation.

Construction Cleanup

Our staff is experienced in providing cleanup related specifically to construction. We offer commercial cleaning services post-construction, be it a large, new facility, an addition to an existing building, or a remodel.

Maintenance Unlimited is also frequently asked to clean a building following certain phases of the construction process before construction resumes. Final cleaning is done after construction has been completed to prepare the building for initial post-construction use.

Our detailed construction cleanup includes a thorough cleaning from floor to ceiling, removing paint drips, cleaning dirt and construction dust, and discarding carpet remnants and other debris.

Floor Care

Maintenance Unlimited provides complete floor care for all types of flooring, including vinyl, ceramic, wood, marble, granite, terrazzo, and cement. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the cleaning, polishing, stripping, waxing, and maintenance of each of these types of surfaces. We can professionally evaluate and recommend the best methods and products for your specific floor needs.

We continuously invest in high-end, up-to-date, specialty equipment. All the machines we use, from walk-behind scrubbers to high-speed propane, electric and battery-operated burnishers, grout scrubbing machines, and countless specialty machines, have been specifically designed for the application in which we use them. By using the highest quality products, given the customer’s specific floor finish, we achieve the best result possible and can significantly improve their building’s image.

Maintenance Unlimited is specifically known for our stripping and waxing service and we have created a reputation for the beautiful, bright, and shiny floors we maintain. Our floor care service plans include regularly scheduled maintenance, special cleanings, and complete refurbishing.

If you need any of the above commercial cleaning services in El Paso or Las Cruces, contact our office today by calling (915) 751-3780!

Our Emergency Commercial Cleaning is Available 24/7

We answer our phones 24/7/365, so we can always be reached by our customers in the event of an emergency. Our 24-hour emergency services are extended to all of our customers under contract. Maintenance Unlimited can respond quickly with professionally trained staff in the event of an emergency.

Our expertise includes water extraction and cleanup following flooding, storms, and natural disasters. We can also address smaller emergencies, such as sanitation after unexpected illness and broken glass cleanup. It is our priority to keep our customers’ businesses operating without interruption.

What Sets Maintenance Unlimited Cleaning Services Apart

When it comes to commercial cleaning in El Paso, Maintenance Unlimited has a rich history of quality work spanning over four decades. Today, we have streamlined and refined our services, leading to us being the market leader in El Paso.

By choosing our team, you can guarantee that your space will be thoroughly cleaned by seasoned professionals. We also make the process easier by having month-to-month contracts and stellar availability for all of our services. Once you contact us, we will get to work quickly on your property.

Benefits Of A Clean Commercial Space

Having a clean interior and exterior for your commercial business is incredibly important both for aesthetics, safety, and health. Even if your business doesn’t interact with customers in person often, it can still greatly benefit from having a consistently clean indoor and outdoor space. 

For commercial companies that deal with clients directly, the benefits can be seen in customer impressions. 

Having your commercial space cleaned regularly can:

  • Result in better health for your staff & customers
  • Impress potential customers
  • Help remove the existence of pathogens like COVID-19
  • Make happier and more productive employees
  • Boost employee morale
  • Increase equipment & space life

If you’ve ever visited an incredibly dirty building, you will know how it can set a bad tone for any further interactions. By hiring a professional El Paso commercial cleaning company, you can improve the chances of a great first impression with customers. 

Keep Your Commercial Space Clean With Us Today!

Whether you need a simple one-time service or would like to start a recurring contract, we’d be happy to help. To get started, give us a call or send us an email to receive more detailed information! 

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