5 Signs You May Need Professional Janitorial Services

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One of the least glamorous, but most important, aspects of having a business is keeping it clean. Cleanliness has an impact on health and wellness, but it can also affect things like productivity, morale, and even sales if you have a B2C operation. 

Businesses often opt for one of three options for janitorial services: in-house staff, an outsourced professional team, or some blend of the two. As a business owner, it may be hard to determine which is best for your business. In our latest blog, we discuss the top 5 signs that outsourcing your janitorial needs may be the best way forward. 

You Have A Large Facility/Workplace

One of the most common reasons for companies to move to professional janitorial teams is the size of their workplace. With a large workplace, it helps to move to a team that has experience efficiently cleaning large surface areas and around special equipment. 

Our team has years of experience in nearly every type of workplace, including warehouses, malls, hospitals, and multi-tenant buildings, among others. We also have state-of-the-art equipment that is designed for sizeable and complex spaces. This experience allows our team to effectively clean even the largest areas with ease. 

Your Business Has Limited Hours For Cleaning

Another reason to consider moving to a professional janitorial team is odd and/or limited hours for cleaning. Often, business does not conform to the standard 9-5 schedule, meaning you need to work with someone who can accommodate any schedule. 

Our team operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, meaning you can schedule cleaning whenever is best for your business. 

You Require A Specialized Janitorial Team

When most people think of janitorial services, they might imagine a few uniformed janitors aimlessly scanning for trash or dirty environments. However, this is not at all the case. In fact, there are different kinds of janitors and cleaners that can work separately or in tandem to clean a particular area. We primarily offer two kinds of janitors/cleaners:

  • Route Janitors: Our route janitors work in teams and on set routes, meaning they can become familiar with a pre-set area of the workplace. This allows for a consistent cleaning that clients can count on. They utilize the best cleaning equipment we have on offer, including color-coded microfiber cloths, proven cleaning chemicals, mops, and much more. 
  • Daytime Porters and Maids: Our daytime porters and maids are ununiformed, on-site janitorial staff. They can work part-time or full-time hours and seamlessly integrate into your existing workplace. They can have a routine or be asked to do specific tasks throughout their shift. With top-notch business etiquette and cleaning experience, our day maids and porters can be perfect for a more direct and flexible cleaning job. 

You Need Environmentally-Conscious Cleaning

As the world attempts to stave off the worst effects of industrial products and processes, that focus can trickle down into how we clean as well. Unfortunately, many janitorial companies simply don’t have the capacity or know-how to offer green cleaning services. Our team at Maintenance Unlimited offers green cleaning methods that assist in LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. 

Even if you don’t need green cleaning for LEED certification, you still may have other reasons for the service. If you are concerned about employee exposure to harmful chemicals/contaminants or simply want your company to do its part, exterior and interior green cleaning may be for you. 

Your Current Team Is Sub-Par 

One obvious but incredibly common cause for switching janitorial teams is simply poor or sub-standard service. Not showing up on time, missing areas that need to be cleaned, or poor availability are all red flags that could cost your business time and money. 

Some janitorial teams can have predatory, restricting contracts as well. Some may push for a long-term contract, only to do the bare minimum once you are locked in. Our team alleviates this risk by offering month-to-month contracts. Every month, you decide if our janitorial staff has provided cleaning to your standards before signing on for another month. 

If any of the above issues have soured your relationship with your current janitorial team, now may be the time to make a change. 

Choose Maintenance Unlimited For Your Cleaning Needs!

Are you facing any of the above problems with your business’s cleaning solutions? Maintenance Unlimited would love to help! As the market leader in El Paso, we have the experienced staff and top-tier equipment to get make your workplace spotless! 

To learn more about our process and how we may be able to help your workplace thrive, explore our website or get in touch with us directly for more info!

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